CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I learned about the importance of the problem solving process and how to use html.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn and giving me the ability to share and teach my students!


At TeacherCon Philly I have learned how to properly be a lead learner. It has been great to be in the position of a student to reflect on what my students will experience.


Teacher Con is awesome!!!

Having taught Courses 2 and 3 of Fundamentals, I am so glad to be able to up the rigor for my middle school students. I have learned how to help students pair program and how to use html.


We learned that ABC/CBV (Activity Before Concept Concept Before Vocabulary) was one of learning that we liked a lot as learners and could see the benefit as educators. This is throughout the CSD curriculum, and we are excited to be using this with our students.


I really enjoyed learning more about deliberate use of Paired Programming, and will be sure to apply the five principles in my teaching this year.


I will be using the w3schools.com website like crazy!:+1:


Hello TeacherCon Forum,

I learned a lot of information and feel much better about HTML.


So far everything at #teachercon has far exceeded my expectations! Today I learned how to use basic HTML to structure text on websites, and begin to add headers! I am actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the “unplugged” activities and can’t wait to share them with my staff!


Love the name “tech ninja” to use in the classroom!


Spending time looking at html and the lessons truly helped me as I do not feel that my content knowledge is strong in that area! Going through the student lessons on html took away my anxiety about it! The Curriculum Guide and Student Activity Packet was very helpful throughout the sessions!


Having a great time at TeacherCon 3 in Philly! Learning all about the curriculum and how best to teach it. It has been helpful being a student and I am looking forward to being the teacher later this week. Thanks Code.org for all your AWESOME work on this new course for middle school.


Learning some great things at Teacher Con.


I like the Paired Programming program feature! Very useful tool for students to have while working together and for teachers to be able to track pairs.


I’m finally learning to understand what once was gibberish: HTML.


I agree that I have learned about the value of the unplugged activities. I really like how the activities give such a solid context for learning the elements of problem solving and the vocabulary that students need to learn.


I learned where to look for help and support in the teacher community.


I learned about HTML and about the digital footprints we create.



Learning tons this week, yay.


I am excited to be a lead learner in my classroom this year! What a great way to learn from my students!


I learned that I am not the teacher. I am the lead learner on this journey!