CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


Learning a lot of good ideas for presenting and differentiating the lesson content.


Me too. I’m a total neophyte.

I truly appreciate the LEAD LEARNER role.


I have learned about how Code.org incorporates discovery learning and how powerful it is for learning.


VIDEO (cheating, I know) - Pair Programming


I learned better questioning strategies for implementing the lessons in the classroom.


We’re already learning a lot on our 2nd day of TeacherCon Philly! We just finished the Digital Footprint lesson and I really enjoyed stalking Jonathan (Social Sleuth).

Also, here’s a great video shared by our first TLO group on HTML. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHM5EnhH8yQ)


I learned that you don’t always have to front load with all the vocabulary needed for a lesson. Sometimes the “discovery” process provides the best learning experience.


Although nerve wrecking, it was a good experience to teach one lesson to get a feel for the content before going back to school.


Enjoyed watching the first 2 groups present today! You guys did AWESOME! Learned about Pair Programming today. I can’t wait to try it out in my classroom.


Thank you. So my box one is now complete.


Having a blast learning about computer science!


I am learning how to use html!!! It is an awesome tool.


I learned a great “tag” hand signal to get the kids excited about tags!


Learning how to present big computer science ideas in an approachable way for my students.


We’re learning how to use the forum! And, how to post comments to topics.


For the very first time i learned how to navigate code.org. I am learning so much, glad I took the opportunity to participate


HTML editing techniques that actually preview in the side.
i learned the marked up language and the tags


I am very impressed by the organization, timeliness, and ways we are experiencing the student side of CS Discoveries.


I learned about W3 Schools as a programming resource. Awesome! :grinning:


I really liked the Pair Programming tool, as well as the in-class collaboration.