CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


This week, it has been great learning to how to navigate the code.org website and the lesson plans. It can sometimes be a bit much looking back and forth for resources on the pages, but learning the shortcuts has been great.


Let’s build a new EdTech website! :heart_eyes: :computer:


Great ideas and help.


Okay!!!Why not? When? Haha, that is a funny question!:innocent:


Hi Michelle! Intellectual property/Creative Commons is in Unit 2, Lesson 7. I went to TeacherCon in Houston in June and that one was actually one of the TLO lessons that the groups got together and did lesson planning and then presenting to the rest of the class. I didn’t know too much about it before so it was pretty eye-opening! We need to teach our students to be thoughtful creators and critical online consumers!


Thank you for all the hard work from the Code.org staff and pilot teachers! I have learned so much, I am feeling so comfortable with the curriculum and so ready to teach these materials in the fall!


I learned how awesome Ajamu Olaniyan from Milwaukee Public Schools is. He has truly inspired me to take me CS instruction to the next level.


This has been a spectacular opportunity!


I have learned that Computer Science is for EVERYONE and there is no need to be afraid! Even if I am not familiar with it myself, I will alongside the students.


I am really excited to see how pair programming works out! Previously when I’ve taught using computers, the work has been very individual and as a result the classroom has been eerily quiet.


I learned how to effective pair programming can be in keeping students engaged in the code.org work.


I learned about pair programming…it was not something that I have used before but I know that I would have benefitted from it when I took my own programming classes throughout college.


I really enjoyed working with pair programming. I believe that this will produce better work from my students as well as develop collaboration skills.


I’ve learned SO much and it’s only day 2! I’m eager to start putting this to use with my students. I feel like I’m learning more about CS than I ever knew existed!


We are very excited to learn all about creating a Website! #teachercon


I learned a great one to introduce HTML to my class :slight_smile:


I’ve learned about HTML tags! I am smart. :astonished:


I have enjoyed meeting and networking with other teachers from our region and elsewhere.


So far I have gotten a great introduction to CS Discoveries! I am so excited about the curriculum content, especially the focus on problem solving and creation! I am very excited to have gained some experience with HTML and look forward continuing to learn and practice this skill with my students!


Code.org TeacherCon rocks! I have learned and noted so many ways to introduce CSD to my students this year. I was hesitant about the TLO but it forces me to get into the lessons as my students and really make it apply to them.