CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I appreciated learning how to see paired programming in action. I will use these ideas in class!


Yes, it was a great help to my HS class last year when creating our web pages on CSD Unit 2.


I finally learned what HTML stands for as an acronym.


I learned how helpful Paired Programing can be!


I learned about HTML tags. There are a lot of them!


I learned that I have much to learn. :slight_smile:


Learning a lot at teachercon!


I learned today some great ways to use pair programming, something I was hesitant to do before, but am looking forward to trying it next year.


I too am a little nervous. My big worry is students discovering a way to “give” their friends filled in bubbles.


I have learned how to use html. I also learned activities that don’t use a computer.


So far at TeacherCon I have learned how to use pair programming as well as communication techniques to enable stronger group projects.


Having a great time! Just wish I had more time to finish sorting cards with my partner to see if I had the process down and then beat my number of steps! :grinning: A-10 :spades:


Have had a great time learning! So much information!!


I have had a wonderful experience learning about the curriculum.


It is a great opportunity


This curriculum is awesome!:100:


I am so grateful to be here and experience the CS-Discoveries curriculum firsthand. This past year CS has sparked my curiosity and led me to jump in and explore content I have never seen before. I have implemented CS Fundamentals,and I am now WOWED by CS Discoveries. Wish all those here with minimal experience a successful journey ahead.


Thank you for sharing this video.


Thank you for providing these wonderful resources!


I had never coded before, and the html tags made it look complicated, but now that we’ve been going through them, it is so simple!