CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!


I learned quite a bit in this workshop. I am very excited for this next school year to start implementing all the different strategies I have learned!


Creating a website is a creative process for both educators and students.


I really enjoyed the Digital Footprint lesson and learned a lot. I think this lesson should not only be given to the students but the teachers and parents as well.


HTML. We can do this!
Teacher / Learner model is a good fit for our school.


Enjoyed learning about the Problem Solving Process


Me too! I’m excited to help my seventh graders climb the accountability ladder and solve their own problems with techniques like the rubber duck approach.


I like the paired programming & the HTML/CSS coding stuff.


The experiential learning provided is a great way for our students to learn coding to better prepare them for the work force.


I finally learned enough about CSS to update my personal webpage with it! Super excited to share it with my middle school students. I’ve taught them HTML for a few years now, but never really got into CSS with them. The code.org Web Lab will make it so easy for the students to understand!


This was really cool. I really liked learning some HTML!


I learned some best practices for teaching computer science to my eighth graders. I’m excited for the year to begin, and for what the rest of this week has in store for me!


I have learned how easy it is to teach html and css to students! I think they’re really going to feel the success of code.org’s scaffolded resources and programming.


This has been an amazing week so far. I cannot believe how much I am learning. My facilitators and classmates are really great and I am so happy I signed up for this class!!!


Paired Programming is awesome. Also, good discussion about having the students use Google Docs to journal and copy paste their daily response into a Google Form for formative assessments and accountability.


Definitely found/experienced the benefits of wrestling with problem as opportunities to improve myself and my work. :honey_pot:


I have really enjoyed the debugging exercises!!!


I learned the value in unplugged activities and paired programming.


I learned about pair programming and how beneficial it can be.


I tweeted this earlier but I’ll add it here too: What I love about Code.org’s teacher professional development is that it’s not ALL on computers. There’s hands-on, unplugged activities, we journal on paper, and much of the concept development is done through conversations. Computer Science is problem solving and creation, not just computers!


Me too! I’m really excited to get kiddos paired up and collaborating!